• Basic DDOS Protection
  • Basic Firewall
  • Instant Reporting Error
  • CSS & JS Minified Testing
  • Speed Optimization
  • Basic AutoMinify
  • Basic Rocket Loader
  • Basic Server Push



  • Premium DDoS Protection
  • Premium Firewall
  • Instant Reporting Error Plus
  • CSS & JS Minified Testing
  • Speed Optimization
  • Premium AutoMinify
  • Rocket Loader Plus
  • Premium Server Push
Performance and security all in one package.

When there is malware on your website, your reputation is on the line. You need to remove it fast. We make that happen with ongoing protection & monitoring.

Website Firewall (WAF)

Protect your site from hacks and attacks. Let us preserve your website traffic and rankings while increasing the performance of your site.

Monitoring & Detection

Scan your website for malware, hacks, and blacklist status. You can rely on our scanner to alert you when indicators of compromise are detected.

Malware Removal

Remove malware from your website with our dedicated incident response team, state-of-the-art technology, and excellent customer service.

A Complete 5-Tier Security Platform
AX300 is a complete design framework toolkit that allows developers to build custom website using with split A/B testing for landing pages so you can see which variation of the website your customer loves more!

Malware and Hack Protection

We protect your website against malicious code and prevent website hacking with our Web Application Firewall (WAF).

DDoS Attack Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cause downtime. We block layer 3, 4, and 7 DDoS attacks.

Zero-Day Exploit Prevention

Hackers discover new vulnerabilities every day. We protect sites and stop suspicious behavior. Mitigating new threats rarely requires a patch.

Brute Force Attacks Protection

Automated hacker tools target all sites. We stop brute force attacks and password cracking to prevent site abuse.

Website Application Firewall (WAF)
Protect and Speed Up Your Website
The AX300 Firewall is a cloud-based WAF that stops website hacks and attacks. Our constant research improves detection and mitigation of evolving threats, and you can add your own custom rules.
What Does it do?
We monitor for security incidents, fix website hacks, and protect your site to keep hackers out. The platform also keeps your website running fast and ensures operational continuity.
Who Is it for?
Any website owner or business that wants to stop worrying about website security and have it managed on their behalf by trusted and experienced professionals.
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