About Us

EPS is a company founded on helping its customers achieve their visions, successes, and goals by offering a wide range of services to assist Property Managers and Home Owners alike. EPS works together with a wide variety of partnered professional individuals and companies to simply get things done. Our mission is not only to get the job done with complete satisfaction but also to help relieve some of the work stresses our clients go through on a daily base.

EPS respect and value the many roles and challenges that each property manager, condo board member, investor, asset manager, developer and home owner may face on a daily basis and we look forward to listening, supporting and advising them. Our property service mandate is to ease the burden of making difficult decisions which is why we take on all the responsibilities from start to finish. We will always provide ideas for new and innovative solutions for old problems which are catered to each individual client. EPS is here to serve you.

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