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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Stinkweb service?
Our service is a stress-free option to what is currently out there in the marketplace. Why pay for something you have to create yourself, when you can get someone else to do it for you? We also offer a lot for free that our competitors charge you for.
How long have Stinkweb been in business?
We have been in business for more than 5 years, and offer a combined 35 years of experience.
What type of website can I expect from Stinkweb?
We’ll build you a custom website that’s built and designed to fit your industry, yet will still stand out from the crowd. The website aspects will be controlled, maintained and monitored by StinkWeb, but you will own your domain.
When do I get to see the draft? What about layouts and changes I want?
You get to review your draft 24 hours before your site goes live. At this time you get to make all the changes you require. You’ll get to see a few design layouts from our portfolio, and you’re entitled to at least one round of changes every month. If you don’t like the design, you have an opportunity before the site goes live to make changes.
How do you come up with content if I don’t have any?
One of our copywriters will develop content for you or you can email us at contents@stinkweb.com with your customer ID and pin number.
Do you provide photography & how does it work?
Yes, we provide photography as a one-time addon package for our clients. See www.stinkweb.com/addons
What is involved in the cost? How does payment work?
The packages are priced at $169.50/month and $229.50/month (taxes apply where applicable). You are free at any time to upgrade to the higher package. If you require extra email addresses, logo design, etc., they are separate from the packages and are billed at either annually, monthly, or a one-time fee. You also won’t have to pay in full before your website is live – you’ll be billed a security deposit, with the remaining balance billed upon the launch of your website. You’ll see your website live within 2-3 weeks, and will be emailed a notification with step-by-step progress. For the next year, our sales associates will be able to offer you loyalty deals and offers.
How does cancellation work?
The cancellation procedure will work according to your contract. You will be able to keep your domain, though there will be transfer fees, covered by the owner of the domain. Please notify sales@stinkweb.com 15 days prior to your cancellation term.
Is there a way I can look at the contract ahead of time?

Yes, here you go!

Is there live support 24/7?
We do have a 24/7 support option. Contact us at support@stinkweb.com.
I have other questions, where can I find the answers?
Feel free to contact us either through our contact form, or call us!
Everything you’ll need to get your online presence smelling like roses.


/ month

  • Professional website
  • Content writing
  • Your own domain name
  • 2 custom business emails
  • Mobile ready
  • Yearly site look update
  • Monthly site management and maintenance
  • Social media integration
  • Contact form
Need a few more options or customization? This package is everything you’re looking for.


/ month

  • Professional website (with 5 page headings)
  • Content writings
  • Premium Domain Name
  • 5 custom business emails
  • ALL Device Ready
  • Social media integration
  • Personal Blog & Mailing List
  • Social Sharing & Analytics
  • Contact / Booking Forms
  • Monthly Site Management and Maintenance
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